Repertoire for violin and chamber orchestra

  Tartini Concerto g-minor


  Vivaldi Four seasons and several violin concertos
  Bach Concertos a-minor, E-major
Concerto for two violins d-minor
Concerto for violin and oboe d-minor
Concerto for three violins D-major
  Haydn Concertos G-major, C-major
Sinfonia Concertante for violin, violoncello, oboe and bassoon
  Michael Haydn Concerto B flat-major
  Mozart all five violin concertos
Rondo C-major and Adagio E-major
Sinfonia Concertante E flat- major for violin and viola
  Beethoven Triple Concerto
Concerto D-major
also the very first original version of the concerto
Romances G-major, F-major
  Spohr Concerto Nr.8 "Gesangsszene"
  Schubert Rondo A-major
Konzertstück D-major
Polonaise B flat-major
  Mendelssohn Concert E-minor
Concerto d- minor for violin and strings
Double concerto or violin, piano and strings D-major
  Vaugham-Williams The Lark Ascending
  Berg Chamber Concerto
  K.A. Hartmann Concerto funebre for violin and strings